Saturday, October 10, 2015

Best Buds

 Rosy and Ike are best buds.   I am pretty sure that Ike likes Rosy but there is no doubt that Rosy absolutely adores her little brother.  She won't  take a nap unless he is right there next to her.  They spend a lot of time hanging out which means that I spend a lot of time  saying, "Give him some space."
She likes to  crouch above him and squeeze his cheeks and it drives me crazy because I want to be the one crouching above him  and squeezing his cheeks.
That is my Avengers pillow, thanks for asking.
 I have started getting back into my running groove so Ike is getting to know Eugene in an up close and personal least the three miles surrounding our apartment.
I made a little pumpkin  hat for my friend's baby and then when I tried it on him I decided that he just had to keep it.   When I slide it on his head he always opens his mouth into a giant smile.  He loves it.

 Bonus Picture: 

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