Saturday, October 10, 2015


 Just about every school around here does a jog-a-thon to raise money.  I haven't ever been able  to go before.  And when I say that I haven't been able to go what I mean is that I try and avoid anything at the school.  Everybody at Buena Vista  is incredible, it isn't their fault, but since I am not in the parent organization and I don't volunteer I feel GUILTY whenever I am in the vicinity of the other parents.  They are all buddies and I probably just seem like I am snobby, but the truth is that I feel too awkward to join in.  I have thought about this a lot because I have a secret fear that I don't remember how to make friends.  I know...I should probably go to therapy.  I think the problem is that any time I set foot  on school grounds I am hauling around (a usually screaming) Rosy and have Ike in a front pack.  I then pick up my two older girls and the neighbor boy that I drive home and we basically look like a circus.  Every single day the only thing anyone ever says to me  is, "Boy, you look like you have your hands full."  I just laugh to myself because actually when Ike is in the pack my hands are the only thing that are free.  It just isn't a good situation for making pals.
Last year when Rocky got picked to "Roll in the Dough" I decided I was going to be more supportive and it has actually been pretty fun.
I am still kind of a crappy mom though because I used the jogathon to get my workout instead of volunteering.  
Even if I only did good for myself it was worth it to be there with my girls.  They both ran so hard  and I was so proud.
 Daisy was one  lap short of 3 miles and Rocky ran 3.5.  They ran at different times so I really ended up getting a good couple of hours of exercise.  In my experience the secret to running is distraction.   It works for me when I go with friends, or when I have a great podcast to listen to.  By doing those OTC 5ks I have found that if I can get a good story going they will run for miles without even noticing they are getting tired.  At first Daisy wanted to run with her friends.  The double jogging stroller was kind of cramping her style, but once her friends all peetered out she came back to me.  I started to tell her the story of The Princess Bride. 
I got to the Cliffs of Insanity before they sounded the bell. 
Rocky was more interested and we got a lot further.  The Man in Black was just about to be pushed down the hill and reveal his true nature "As you Wish!!" and we had to stop there.  Oh the suspense.

 I am so proud of Rocky and Daisy because I think they are learning how to pace themselves and how to keep going even when it feels hard. 
 In the end it was pretty cool that I don't have any mom friends at the school because I got to hang out with my favorite buddies the whole time.

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