Saturday, October 10, 2015

Potty Time

 I knew that when Rosy decided that she was interested that potty training would be easy.  That is maybe the only good thing about being stubborn.  When she makes up her mind there is nothing that can set her back.  I took her to Costco to look at the books and choose a prize and  instead we came home with a giant  tub  of Red Vines.  We sort of  accidentally stumbled on a great way to outsource some of the training.  Instead of having her eat all that licorice herself she was able to share it.  When she used the potty everyone around got a prize.  She loved  having the power  to hand out treats to her friends  and they all got really good at asking her if she needed to go.   There is nothing like a little bit of peer pressure to get things really moving.  Before long she finished her chart and is now in unders for good.
 She chose Sofia the First and they look pretty cute on those little buns.
Too accurate?

 I overheard Rocky playing the other day and realized that she was calling  her moose Auntie Judy.  The real Auntie Judy is my aunt and she  is a favorite with our family.  When I realized that the job of the moose was to take care of all the little stuffed animals I wasn't surprised by the name choice.  She does a good job too.  Look at those little critters all snuggled up.
Rocky has always been a genius when it comes to names.

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