Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lone Pine

 The kids didn't  have school on Friday and I felt like we really needed to do something fun together.  When you start to look at your kids as problems instead of people something fun needs to happen.  Hypothetically speaking that is.  We headed out  to Lone Pine Farm to check out the Halloween festivities.  Of course it was packed full of well dressed moms trying to get great fall photos.  I had my camera out too and a strategically placed baby to hide my wardrobe.   Daisy and Rocky were really into  feeding the goats...not that I paid the quarter to buy feed.  They just ran  around and picked up pieces that had been dropped by other kids.  There were a couple of moms that looked concerned but I thought it was great.  I was impressed by their resourcefulness and glad that they weren't whining.
Rosy was interested but definitely kept her distance.
City Girl

 We took ten pictures on the bale of hay and that was the best we could get but  we only took one with the face sign and it was perfect on the first try.
Nailed it.
 I paid an exorbitant amount of money for the three of them to ride the cow train and it was more than worth it.  This picture pretty much erased the trouble the three of them have put me through in the last month.

 We ended up leaving with a caramel apple as big as Ike's head.  I have never even heard of apples getting that giant.  The only thing that comes close was the size of Daisy's eyes once she saw it.  I knew that I had to be the cool mom and buy it for her.  That is why we are still pumpkin-less.  There was no way I was going to be able to carry the apple and a pumpkin so we took a family vote and it was unanimous.
I had planned on taking a picture but it was eaten before I had the chance.  It was the second best moment of the season.

Bonus Picture:  Rocky made the crown and took the photo.

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