Monday, November 16, 2015

Goonies Never Say Die

 Our Goonies costumes didn't really get seen at Brandon's birthday party so we thought we would pull them  out again for the big day this year.   It was  pretty cool when people asked Rosy who she was and she answered, "Stef."  No explanation and nothing but a stone cold stare until they would pretend they knew what  she was talking about.  If they stuck around long enough she might add that, "Daisy is Mommy Fratelli."
A special thanks this year goes out to Jill who provided the infamous tattoo.

 Ike was the cutest little Sloth imaginable.
 Look at these Jokesters out begging for treats.  I am surprised the people weren't scared to open their doors.

Rosy Wins
We went around the most picturesque neighborhood and they ended up with a ton of candy.  They really had to earn it because we had only been out for a few minutes when it started dumping rain. 
 Most everything survived the downpour, except Rocky's booby traps.  They were destroyed. 
When we got home they were sorting  their treats and I noticed that while Rocky and Daisy only had one Butterfinger each, Rosy had 15.  I think that every time she had a choice she picked one because they are orange. 
Daisy was counting all of her candy and I think she had 75 pieces.  I guess Rosy thought it was cool because she was counting too...."21, 21, 21, 21." 

As usual we spent the next two weeks fighting and binge eating sugar.  I ate basically all the chocolate and they took care of the rest.  Now it is time for a quick detox so food tastes good again by Thanksgiving.

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