Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Birthday Surprise

 The night before my birthday was kind of a bummer.  I had a crazy day and  everything seemed to go wrong.  The final straw was when Ike pooped all  over me at soccer practice and then  while I was trying to get him  cleaned up he peed all over the car.   Man those baby boys can really make a mess.  Anyway,  I woke up on my birthday hoping that it would go a little better.   I went out for a run and then met Brandon on campus for lunch.   When I got back home I almost jumped out of my skin when my mom and dad were hiding in the hallway.   SURPRISE!
Some people might  not  think that this is that big of a deal but those  people do not know that the Howards do not do surprises.  
It was the best  birthday ever.  We  all got to go to the pumpkin patch at the Johnson Farm.  
 I love the rugged nature of that place.  The hay ride is unlike any other.  
 I took 7 pictures but this is the one that seemed to best catch what it is like.  There are all kinds of targets to hit with mini pumpkins and it isn't your slow, calm meander that you would expect.  In fact a woman on our ride wasn't prepared and she completely fell into the hay.  It is fast and reckless and should probably require a  waiver but the old man who drives it is old school and even after being talked to by the  ODOT incident team has stuck with his old traditions.
 Once you get out to the pumpkin  patch the  fun is just  beginning. 
 Opa helped to get the best technique in launching  pumpkins at the scarecrows.
 Rosy found the perfect pumpkin.  She made some random woman pick it  for her because once she saw it she wouldn't leave its side.  It was so cute, in fact, that  it was stolen from our doorstep in less  than an hour.   When  Oma  tried  to replace it with one  from Market of  Choice she knew immediately.  At least we have this  picture because  that is all that lasts anyway.

I am one lucky old lady.

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