Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Business

 This year it felt like the lead up to Halloween just kept going and going.  At Buena Vista they decided that the parents didn't have enough to keep them  busy and planned Spirit  Week.  That meant that we did crazy hair, mismatch, pajama day and other hi jinks.  I only got a photo of the crazy hair and it doesn't even look that crazy.  On mismatch day I just let them pick out what they considered a  nice outfit and for once didn't make them change part of it.
 We also had a lot of fun around our house.  We did our dinner in a pumpkin and played around  with  the  dress up stuff in our house.  

 Since the weather has been so lovely we hung out with our neighbors.  I was  looking at the photo and noticing the  knife sticking menacingly out of the pumpkin.  Let that be a warning to anyone who thinks that because I have 4 kids that I am responsible.
 Bijoux always shares her  Grandma  Rose with us when she comes into town for a visit.  My girls have developed quite a friendship with her and we always look forward to the times when she is here.

 The girls insist on making at least one Jell-o brain a year.  This time we tried the Frankenbrain.  Green Jell-o and cream cheese with pineapple inside.  It is just the kind of Jell-o salad that Mormons are known for but we decided that we were going to be Mormon Zombies.  Last time Brandon made them eat it without any utensils but since they were already in their jammies they had to be a little more sophisticated. The flash on  the camera made Rosy look like she actually is some kind of demon.  Hmmm...
 Ike steered  clear of the carnage.  He is still not really into the idea of solid foods and the brain idea sort of rubbed him  the wrong way.

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