Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thriller Nights

 Soccer has really taken a turn for  the better now  that the girls seem to be starting  to get the hang of it.  Last season Daisy was running away from the ball but now she is starting to really have fun.   I tried to dissuade both of them from signing up this season but I was out-voted.  I even made friends with  some  of the parents.  I was a big step.
 Rocky's games have gotten pretty intense  now that they have an actual referee and goalies.   She loves  to be the keeper because she gets to wear gloves.  I get a little nervous  every time  she puts on  the  mis-colored jersey after a horrible incident a few weeks ago.   We had signed  her up to play with our  neighborhood school but one of the games was  against  the school  that she actually attends.  She knew a bunch  of  the girls  on the  other team which made it for a good game but also made  it the perfect chance to really screw up.  She had stopped a goal  attempt and  her  coach  yelled, "Drop kick it  like we practiced."  She drop kicked it and it went so high.  It felt like it took a million years  to come back down.   All the girls stopped and watched it as it finally hit the  ground and then as slowly as was possible rolled into her own goal.
The good thing is that she wasn't embarrassed in the least.  The bad thing was that maybe it would have  been a  little  bit better if  she was a tiny bit chagrined at the least.
The  rest of the games  have gone better and she played very well in their final game.  If nothing else she contributed to the team by suggesting the name.  The Purple M&Ms.   She has always had a gift for giving  names.   I didn't take any pictures of her playing because I was too busy watching her when she played.  I did get one photo of the fans.
 We had such a great time with Oma and Opa.  I was so happy to have them here.  I wanted them to see Ike before he got any bigger.   My favorite thing is to watch my kids with  their grandparents.  It helps me to forget about how much trouble they give me and  reminds me how special they are.

While they were here we started talking about ghost stories and Daisy told everyone that she really wanted to go to the haunted corn  maze.  Since there was no way that was going to happen we compromised on doing the next scariest thing you can do in Eugene.  Watch the Thriller  video on Oma's iPad.  Since I learned my lesson about Thriller a couple of years ago this time it was a slightly edited  version.   It still did the trick in scratching the spook out itch.
Rocky is like a little version of her mama covering her ears when she is scared. 
It seemed like they had barely gotten here and it was time to leave but we made some pretty sweet memories during those couple of days.  I have some pretty cool folks.

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