Friday, May 20, 2016

A Taste of Iran

 We have the cutest neighbors on the second floor.  Atoosa and Arush introduced themselves right away as they were moving in and were excited to tell us that they were from a far away place, maybe we had heard of it, Iran.
I giggled a little because Iran is a place that we hear quite a bit about.  I was so happy to see how much they love their homeland.  They invited us over last night so she could introduce some of her favorite foods to us.  Of course I was the first in line to taste everything,
 I don't remember what anything is called but I do know that it was delicious.  Hopefully the next time we break bread together it will come with a cooking lesson.

And tonight we had our Friday night movie.  Isaac all of a sudden decided that he is one of the kids.  Well, he sat quietly as long as there was still popcorn in the bowl.  I was thinking that I should share the name of the movie so we could place this moment in pop history but actually tonight they were watching the Care Bear Movie.  That would place us solidly in 1985 and would also explain that my memories of that movie is that it is really scary.  Rosy is the only one that agreed.

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