Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something is Cool About these Photos

 Our little garden got a late start this year but we are still having fun with it.  After all those rainy winter days there is nothing that feels better than digging in the dirt.  We have such a tiny space that actually growing something is more of a dream than reality.  So far we have rosemary, leeks, peas, cauliflower, carrots and a row of potatoes.  We haven't even looked at the summer plants yet and are already out of room.  I have my eye on the other half of the plot and have already started spilling over into it.  If someone doesn't plant something there soon it is going to be overtaken.
Putting in Potatoes

I know that bath time is something that I have photographed often.  The tub is so full and we are becoming increasingly aware that the days of all the kids in the same bath are on their way to extinction.  The dream is that one day we will actually have more than one bathroom.  Looking at the bath and our garden I can see that we are outgrowing our current life.  I look forward to the growth of the kids and all the other aspects of our life but I know that there will always be a special place in my heart for the days when we happily enjoyed our small space and little kids.
 The girls had a great time with their Fiesta dances.  Rocky's class did the Limbo and Daisy's did a cute little couple dance from Cuba.  They were both as excited as can be and danced their hearts out.  I am pretty sure there were some other kids out there dancing but I didn't notice them because I was too focused on my girls.

 How can I not share the photo of the biggest and smallest Nutella that I have ever seen.  We have been working on the big pot since last December.  The girls polished the little one off in about 5 minutes.
 Bonus Picture:

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