Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rocky's Baptism

 On April 30 Rocky was baptized.  If I could describe the whole thing I would have to say that it was fun/crazy/beautiful/humbling/exhausting.  We had so much support from family and friends.   Rocky had so much fun playing with her cousins Cambria and Quincy and having both sets of grandparents and Adam, Cara and Jilly here.  It meant so much that everyone spent all that time in the car to be come.  True to tradition my camera was MIA.  I take hundreds of photos of my kids in the bathtub and them doing boring things around the house but when something actually important happens I don't even remember to pull it out.  One day I will enter the present day and take photos on a phone like normal people.  I spent the weekend in a frantic blur of social bliss.  We celebrated Rocky's birthday with her class at school, prepared food, went to Papa's Pizza, Voodoo Donuts and the Saturday Market.  We were able to watch Rocky get baptized by her along with many people that we love and then we celebrated her birthday on the playground with root beer floats and then we got up the next morning to watch the marathon.  It was lovely, all of it.

After about 10 minutes of being at our house Mike was looking for a job.  He headed out into the garden plot next to ours and got it all weeded and ready to go.  Since he did all that work I have no choice but to take it over.  I am super excited to double our space.
 It just so happened that the day that grandparents were invited to the school's book fair coincided with both sets of grandparents being in town.  Rocky and Daisy thought that they had hit the JP because for the first time in their lives they actually got to pick something out at the book fair.  They also both ended up having their names drawn for a free poster.  I know it probably doesn't make for much of a story but it was one of those moments that everything was right in the world.

The cousins had a blast being together.  They are a fun bunch of girls.

 Jill didn't get to sleep in because she had early birds taking over her bed.
 Rocky was glowing with all the attention. I had Jill take some pictures before and then I forgot to take any others until late that night after Adam and Cara had already left to get it out again.
 Kathy made the cutest quilt for Rocky and she put pictures of all her favorite things.  It is something that she will always treasure.
 Brandon and Jody came from Portland and it reminded me of all those years ago when they were the only two people that Rocky invited to her birthday party.  They have been her favorites for her whole life.
 Saying goodbye is the worst part.
 The next day we de a reenactment so we could get some family pictures.
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