Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Naomi, Me, Katie, Abbey, Anna, Sara, Naami
 One of the most amazing parts about living in Eugene has been the relationships that I have made with incredible women.  We haven't been able to see each other that much this year because of distance, jobs, and all the other dumb stuff that makes life life.  This past little while we have had the chance to get together to honor Abbey and Sara before they have their baby boys.  These friends fill me up with happiness.  We have always had so much fun together despite the fact that we are very different. We can always find reasons to laugh and are good at bringing out the best in each other.  

We have been hit by a sickness around this house.  It started with Ike and has moved its way through all of the kids.  After hanging out with a fevered Rosy for a couple of hours I said to Brandon, "I guess we know who our most dramatic kid is."  His response, "Was there ever any question."
It was like she took acting lessons for a role as a dying woman.  She moans and whimpers and reminds everyone that she is sick.  She won't watch TV or read books and she refuses to take any kind of medicine.  She is so over the top that it has become hilarious.
Is this a sick child or a zombie?
 Daisy as usual has handled things like a champ.

When I went to get Rosebud in the morning she had fallen asleep kneeling by her bed.
 I put Ike in some real shoes today and all of a sudden he was a little boy.
Rocky and her Play-Doh bug.

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