Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Broken Vitamix and a Confession

 R.I.P Rocky's Vitamix.  The pitcher was knocked off the counter and while it, as advertised, is shatter proof, it turns out that there is no guarantee that the blades won't break out of the bottom.  The good news is that it is going to be replaced with the newer model.  The bad news is that even though the newer model is going to be better, it won't be The Christmas Morning Vitamix.  So long old friend, you served us well.
 With all the scaffolding on our house we had to move our table inside.  The girls have used it to make a den for kittens, several different forts, and most recently it has become a spacecraft aptly if not originally named "Space Shippy."  The countdown and blast off is not surprisingly the best part of the game.

This next photo represents the moment when I officially became the mom that I swore I never would.  Just like any parent I have eaten those words many times but I honestly never thought we would get to the point that we would have naked Barbie dolls lying around.  I was so intent on getting a picture of Ike in his soccer uniform that I didn't even notice it until I saw the picture on my computer.  There it is folks.
It aint all glamour and diamonds her in student housing with 4 kids.
For a second I thought that I would just not include the picture or try to crop it out but in the end I decided to expose myself for who I am, just like that Barbie is doing there in the middle of the floor with nothing to hide behind.
I am trying to make myself feel better by telling myself that at least it was on the inside of our place instead of out on the front porch.

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