Sunday, June 19, 2016

School's Out for the Summer

 My friend Paula invited Rosy over for a princess tea party.  It was pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to her.  She is upset every single day that she doesn't get to go to school but for one day she was the lucky one that got to do something special.  Paula is moving and Rosy is super bummed out to lose her pal.
 And then it was the last day of school.  Sometimes I start to feel like the school year just flew by and then I remember all those rainy days in January and remember that there were at least times that it felt like a million years.
Both girls had incredible teachers that they absolutely adored and are going to miss.
Rocky and Maestra Jacobson

Daisy and Maestra Mares
 They have only been out of school for a couple of days and I have already found myself saying, "If this is how the summer is going to be then we are in a lot of trouble."  I love summer because it is hot, and free, and full of activity but for me it also means refereeing fights between stubborn girls.  Last year was tough because we had a new baby but I think this year might top it because our little Rosy is that much more bigger and that much more opinionated.  She is used to having her run of the house and toys to herself all day long and isn't too keen on sharing.  Daisy and Rocky also have summer personalities.  Rocky has taken to rolling her eyes and proclaiming, "It just isn't fair."  Someone needs to send her a memo explaining that teenage years don't start at 8.  Daisy continues to be happy and calm until she is not and it manifests itself in a giant eruption.  I guess what I am saying is, keep me in your prayers.

And now for your viewing pleasure another gallery of artwork that came home with them on the last day of school.  I know I post a lot of this stuff but if I get it on here then I feel a lot less sad about throwing it into the recycle.

First Rocky's

The mysterious woman in red peeking from the window caught my eye.

When asked to draw a pet Rocky went classic with a rathtar.
 And onto Daisy's masterpieces.
My mom likes to run, cook, and hang out with friends.  Man does she know me. I am sure the next blank was meant to say "eat treats."

Baby Shark

 I spent a bunch of time yesterday while the construction workers were gone for the weekend trying to get my garden in some kind of order.  To my surprise there actually were a bunch of plants happily thriving amidst the weeds.

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Pam said...

I can totally relate to your post!! You are doing a marvelous job!! Keep it up!