Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Sick Day In the Life

 Ike thinks he is so cool every time he figures out a new game.  I can't really blame him.  If I could fit myself into a drawer of clean towels I would do it too.

All the kids had a random high fever this week.  They felt awful and snuggly at first and then they went for the in-between stage that is a mother's nightmare.  They are still too sick to go to school but they feel good enough to be super grumpy and bored.  We kept ourselves entertained by having a restaurant lunch.  Rocky will only help me if I tell her that it is her responsibility as a server.  She set up the table with a lovely bouquet and tried her best to keep the customers happy.  I think that I might be able to hire Rosy out to places that are trying to train their waiters how to deal with high maintenance guests.  She was upset about the color of her plate and then asked to return her sandwich because it was cut on the diagonal.  In the end after a pretty heated discussion with the head chef she agreed to accept the sandwich as long as it was served on an orange plate and cut one more time so it was in 4 pieces instead of 2.  Apparently triangles are okay as long as there are more than 2 of them.
 While we were working all that out Ike made his way to the toilet and happily splashed water all over the floor.  It was disgusting but I just couldn't be mad when he was so happy.
 We also spent a pretty big chunk of time watching Taylor Swift videos on Youtube.  Rocky has been reading a book about her and she wanted to see the songs that were mentioned.  You all know how the trap works.  One clip links to the next and the next and before we knew it half the day was gone.  Also now my girls have a ridiculous view of fantasy romance ending in horrible heartbreak.
 Ike wasn't really into it.  He kept his distance.

 We have a bunch of construction workers putting scaffolding all over our building which has also provided quite a bit of entertainment.  They give me updates on how the guys can all jump from one side to the other without falling.  They also have a whole new vocabulary when it comes to swears.

Not Cool, Ike
 Brandon turned 37 and we celebrated by making a Samoa Pie.  Brandon went through all 6 million entries on my Pinterest dessert page and picked it for his birthday cake. Who wants a Girl Scout cookie when you can make a whole pie of coconut goodness?  In the end it was good but it was no Samoa.
 We celebrated with some friends and with this incredible mini pinata.
 For Memorial Day Brandon lined the girls up for a flag ceremony and played the Jimi Hendrix National Anthem.  At first they were really into it but then, "It just really started to get long."
Daisy and I went for a run over to the Pioneer Cemetery and then after I dropped her off I ran to two others.  You read that right.  A three cemetery run, and it was awesome.  Later we hit up the Monday holiday sale at Value Village and then did the yearly scavenger hunt at the Masonic Cemetery.  This year there was a new list of questions that pretty much maxed out my map reading/grave hunting abilities.  They were all rewarded with a prize.  I am not sure if a grave scavenger hunt is something other people do but it is my favorite.  Eugene is cool.

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