Sunday, June 12, 2016

Building Walls

The workings of a quilt are no business for baby destructors.
 With the presidential election being what it is there is a lot of talk of building a wall to keep people out.  While I really dislike the idea I find myself using the technique much too frequently around here.  We have a little puppy that finds himself in mischief if he isn't properly gated out...and even then sometimes he finds his way around the barriers.

Not surprisingly Brandon is the parent in this home that helps Rocky with the "family" homework projects.  They spent all week working on a map of Oregon.  While I will claim credit for the idea of using food (of course my mind immediately went there) all the details and the actual production fell to Dad.  They are super cute while working together.

The Finished Product
We took our broken Vitamix back to Costco fully intending to use our refund to buy a new one.  While we were putting it in the cart the Blendtec salesman along with a Cutco guy that had his setup nearby convinced us that we owed it to ourselves to at least listen to the presentation.  I told them both that it was Rocky's Vitamix and so it was her call.
He spent the next 30 minutes presenting the reasons that a Blendtec is superior to the Vitamix.  He talked directly to her, just like she was an adult.  He showed her how to make smoothies and ice cream.  He showed her how the unique design of the blades made them safer and also able to grind grains.  She was a tough sale but in the end she agreed to give it a try.  It seemed only fair that we should experiment with it (especially since it would give us a net gain of $75).  He promised us that we would not be disappointed.
 I can't help but feel that Patrick the Vitamix man would have felt it a stab in the back but we are the proud owners of a Blendtec.  So far I am very pleased with it.  It is too early to say definitively but I think I like it more.
That being said I will never regret the Christmas morning or our two years with the Vitamix.
Snuggle Time
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Debbie said...

Oh man, that was funny to read about the blender. I've heard great things about the blendtec. My brother and another sister-in-law love theirs. I've heard you can make soup in them too and it will even heat it up. My SIL tried it and she said it was steaming hot and really cool to make.

Micha said...

I L-O-V-E my blendtec! I grind wheat in it all the time. It makes the jar a bit scratched up, but that just makes it look loved :)

Pam said...

Jared is the homework project helper in our home too. We have a Vitamix for about 3 years and I'm wishing I would've gone with the blendtec. We got it from Costco. Not sure if they'll still take it back