Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Dreams Come True

 We had the loveliest Christmas.  I know that I am a dork but I wish that it was always on a Sunday.  I had so much fun going to church and still having so much fun to come home to.  When you spend the morning in worship you don't have to remind yourself what the holiday is really about.
 We woke on Christmas morning to several inches of snow.  Everybody got exactly what they wanted.

 Jill and I played as much if not more with the Calico Critters and their adorable living room and kitchen sets.  I can't believe how detailed they are.

 That evening we all got to meet up at the Rigby's and talk to Hayden over Skype.  I thought this photo was the best because it has all three of his biggest fans.  Hint:  Brandon didn't make the cut.
 Rosy was out doing her best to shovel.  It was surprising how much she could actually do out there, bare legs and all.

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