Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Something Old and Something New

 I had to take a photo because people don't even believe that you can still get Netflix DVDs sent to your home.  Dad's are awesome because they are just addressed to Dick.

We participated in the annual climb into the crawl space to store the Christmas decorations.  Ike was feeling pretty proud that he got to go in this year.  The secret that we all know is that you are only really grown up when you realize that you never want to go in there again.
 And then with a lot of hugs and some really teary eyes we were headed back out.
 We made it home on New Year's Eve just in time to eat 12 grapes and welcome the new year Spanish style.  You are supposed to eat one for each month of the upcoming year, and you need to do it along with each of the strikes of the clock.  It is no easy feat, and we even had seedless grapes.
 Does it count if you get them all in your mouth or do they have to be swallowed?  If it is the latter then we are in for a pretty unlucky year.  Also, does it actually have to be midnight?  This was actually about 8:25.  We will close our eyes and take our chances with 2017.

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