Monday, January 30, 2017


 Instead of going back to school the weather in Eugene made for the longest winter break in history.  Since there are no plows in the city we were all homebound for an entire week.  This happened to coincide with Brandon's trip to Philadelphia.  It also happened to be right when I got the voms and was puking my brains out.
 Rocky did a great job playing mom and we all survived that first day okay.  By the second day I was feeling better and I knew that if we were going to make it through we would need a plan.  So we made our winter weekend bucket list. It don't know if it can be read but there are a bunch of activities that we all brainstormed and then somebody added a few ideas, including "eat candy?!"
We took turns picking what to do next and I am ashamed to admit how many times I was the one who pulled out the candy.
Quesadillas, does this really count as a recipe?
 We did a lot more kid cooking.  I am amazed that they like their recipes better than mine.  I mean, who would rather eat a snowman pancake than bibimbap?  Answer: Everyone. At least the way I cook them.

Daisy and Rosy both claimed to have chosen the pancake recipe but we will never really know the truth.

Calico Critters - Fun for hours on end

 As I said earlier, it was freezing outside and inside.  Our heaters are all up by the ceiling and basically serve the purpose of warming the home of our upstairs neighbors.  Our only option was to make a bunch of brownies and heat with the oven.  I mean, I guess I could have made roasted brussels sprouts but this worked out good too.

Biscuits and Gravy
 The kids got so sick of being at home they turned our kitchen into a store.
 I didn't mind because I have been after them for days to clean up the shoes.

 And then, like a miracle, Brandon was home and we were as happy as can be.
Granola Chef

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