Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Down, Get Derby

From the first day that I saw the skate shop on 11th in Eugene I have yearned to attend a roller derby bout.  Last night, due to discount tickets given to grad students my dream was finally fulfilled.
 I don't know how many of you have ever seen a derby but it is pretty awesome competition.  I mean some people think it is all about the fishnet tights and short shorts, but believe you me, there is some serious athleticism involved in the sport.  Those girls are tough.  The Flat Track Furies started out way ahead but Sick Town Derby Dames came from behind to pull out a win.   The Jammers, Wonder Dread and Hot Boxxx were two of the toughest women I've ever seen.  Some of the other names were Roller Toaster, Wolfsbane, Frankie Facebreaker, and Bloodstain.
 Now we are working on putting our own team together.  We'll have to take a vote on our name, but Brandon already dubbed me Princess Slaya.

 Nothing but the most positive role models for my girls. 

 Everything is more fun when you're with friends.

Bonus Story:
This morning we were talking about our favorite things.  When I asked Daisy what her favorite treat is at first she said a lollipop but then she wanted to change her answer to cucumber.  
I wanted to encourage that kind of thing because when your kid thinks a vegetable is a treat it makes you look like a really great parent.  The truth of it is that I really think she is being sincere.  Don't get me wrong, this girl loves all things sugary, but she has a special place in her palette for cucumbers.  The other day when we got home from the store I turned my back for a second to put away the groceries and when I was finished this is what I found.

She had bitten a hole through the plastic and eaten the cucumber in half.

Another Bonus Story:  Rocky has gotten a little bit obsessed with opposites.  On the way to church we were playing a game and I would say a word and she would say its opposite.  This game is fun for like 5 seconds.  I went through everything I could think of, light/dark, old/young, you know...the basics.  But she kept asking for more so I started giving tricky ones.  When I asked her what is the opposite of Daisy she said, Not-Daisy.  The coolest though was when I asked her the opposite of cookie and she said bacon.
When I asked what is the opposite of church Brandon said, roller derby.

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Michelle said...

Ha, I love the opposites story! You are such a fun mom. And, of course as a nutritionist, I love the cucumber story :) Miss you!