Thursday, February 14, 2013


A Valentine Riddle:  Who are the owners of these belly buttons?  Scroll to the bottom to find the answer.

Rocky and Daisy woke up like half of Eugene...sick, sick, sick.  Despite feeling as awful as they look, they still managed to be completely thrilled with the treats their grandmas sent.
 Brandon once again made a surprise breakfast.  I had to take a picture because he is just so cute.
 He knows that the way into the hearts of the ladies in this house isn't by bringing flowers but it is showing up with a certain pink box.
 This is pretty much how the day was spent. 
 To be honest, Rocky and Daisy probably would prefer if they could always sit around and watch movies all day so being sick on a holiday sort of worked out to their advantage.  I was sad because it was actually sunny outside and I was itching to get out there.

 Rosy and I were left to our own devices in trying to keep ourselves entertained indoors.  She spent most of her day looking at a Valentine and I spent most of mine looking at her.  
 I know I say it every post but she is just the most adorable little thing.  I cannot get enough of her and all I want to do is squeeze her cheeks.  I figure that she is only going to be little like this for a few months so I had better spend all the time that I usually use to clean the house and cook and devote it to watching her make faces.
In the meantime I guess we'll have to live on the doughnuts. 

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