Saturday, February 23, 2013


 We had a great time while Becky, Caleb and Carson were here.  As you can imagine there was a lot of baby bonding time between the cousins.
Rocky and Daisy absolutely adore their Tios.  They were super excited to show them around Newport.  Rocky especially wanted to point out her favorite thing in Oregon, the shrunken head that is on display at the Ripley's musuem.
We took a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine, knowing how fleeting it would be.  The sea lions were out basking in it too.
 Amazing scenery and great company...what could be better?

 It was an absolutely beautiful day on the coast.
As you can see, Rosy was so overwhelmed by her first trip to the ocean that took one look and and fell right asleep.  I actually can't blame her because it was also probably the first time those little eyeballs had seen the sun.  They probably felt better being closed.
 The girls had to show Caleb their cupcake cookbook and kept asking Becky to take pictures of them with her phone.
Carson challenged Rosy to a corner stand-off.  She pulled off a narrow victory but he got her back later.
This could be my favorite picture ever.
After Rocky and Daisy were in bed the rest of us sat around and watched the babies.  Carson has the biggest smile and most infectious laugh and he had us all giggling.  The later it got the cuter and crazier these two became.  It is kind of embarrassing how giddy we all were, trying out new tricks with our babies like they were toys.  Embarrassing, and extremely fun.
Rosy was quite taken with her charming little buddy.  We miss her him already.

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