Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Fun with the Superbowl

 Since Brandon had to get some studying done on Saturday and since Saturday was Groundhog's Day we got pretty creative in the kitchen.  Thanks again to Pinterest for giving me an idea that looked fun and culminated into me screaming at my children.  The problem that arises from food crafts is that every time I hand either of my girls an ingredient to use they immediately put it into their mouths to eat.  Then after about 10 Tootsie Rolls they start to go wacko.  By the time these little dudes were finished Rocky and Daisy were deeply entrenched in sugar-induced insanity.
In the end, while I had pretty much called it quits as a mom I was feeling kind of attached to what Daisy has been referring to as the "hound doggies."
 Luckily because of the Superbowl we had some friends to share them with the next day.
It was community time in the community room with all the Spencer View Peeps.
This photo seems just a little too far on the side of gender bias but as a professional photographer I feel it is my duty to represent things as they really were.  At this moment all the ladies were huddled by the food talking about pregnancy.
To be fair there were several parts of the evening that I didn't capture where the girls were watching the game and the guys were talking about pregnancy. 
 I personally managed to score a pretty sweet seat on the middle couch for a few minutes but once I sat down the power immediately went out in the stadium.
The room was full of 49ers fans and it was fun that the game was close...well, until it ended.
The kids managed to eat about 16 desserts each and only most of them ended up crying.  Can you feel the love?
The best part of the kid games was when they were playing tag and Rocky somehow got the word mixed up and she kept tagging people and yelling, "fag."  She even went as far as to say, "I fagged you."  I'm pretty sure that she was almost kicked out of Eugene but in the end after a conversation with her daddy she got it right.

Friends 4 Ever

 How could I have a blog post without a photo of my Rosy.  She even got to hang out with a few of her gal-pals. 


Laurie said...

Those "hound doggies" are way cute. Looks like the Super Bowl party was a great time! :)

Jim said...

I look like I get kind of intense, don't I?