Saturday, April 6, 2013


 We really Eastered it up this year with three egg hunts and new dresses to boot.  Daisy was the lucky girl who found the King Egg at Abi's hunt.  It is a good thing too because we've been using the loot as bribery motivation for our current project, potty training...but that is another blog altogether.
 Since these two are such egg fiends we colored some ourselves.  I wanted to get a photo of them actually working but when the camera comes out, so do the poses.  I'm not sure there are many modeling agencies that are really looking for someone who can create the appearance of a pot belly where none exists, but if you hear of anything, let me know because I have got the girl for them.
 After the second hunt they realized that they had to eat all the candy they could in the first five minutes before it was taken away by their mean parents.
Brandon found the cutest pink egg that was out there.
 The third hunt was with the Isaacsons and it was like kid paradise.  There were tons of treats, toys, hot dogs and cousins.
I was taking care of Rosy when the actual egg hunt began but my cousin Casey told me that he had been keeping an eye on Rocky.  She was just taking the candy out and leaving the plastic eggs behind.  I don't know if she was trying to reserve basket space or what but her strategy made for some dud eggs for her cousins to find.  There was also some baby food hidden for the little ones and when she came across that she just threw it aside and hurried onto something more appealing, like Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.
Daisy  wouldn't even look by herself but insisted that Jill stay with her.  This turned out to be a huge advantage.  The Isaacson tradition is that at the end of the hunt all the kids turn their loot in and the adults separate it out so everyone ends up with the same stuff.  Daisy dutifully turned in her basket but then Jill took her to the spot where she had hidden a bunch of gummy Krabby Patties that hadn't been found.  While the other kids were waiting around Daisy was filling her pockets with illicit treats, and I do mean that she was literally hiding them in her pockets.  I think she ended up with 6 or 7.  I'm thinking that the family might be glad that my kids will probably not make it to another Easter picnic again for several years.

I know this photo has horrible quality but it makes me laugh every time I look at it and I think that has got to be worth something.  

 Rosy and her cutest Tio Jared.

And just when you thought that Easter was over there was another big treat from their Eugene abuelos, los Valverde.
I know I should have gotten rid of the red in Daisy's eye but it wasn't a trick of the camera.  It was really there.  All that candy brings out the evil in that girl.

And we kept up our tradition of totally failing at getting a photo where we all look nice.  I keep thinking that it will be easier as they get older, but really it just gets harder.  Thanks for the cute dresses Oma. 

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