Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Daisy with an Old Friend and Rosy with a New Love

 Although it was hidden in the bottom of the dress-up box Daisy has found and resurrected her dragon suit.  As you can imagine our Baby Dragon was fascinated.  Somehow she knew that she and Daisy had a deep dragon connection. 
 As soon as Daisy put it on, Rosy was following her everywhere.  
It looks like it will be a few more years before this costume will be retired.  As soon as Daisy can't squeeze into it anymore, Rosy will be ready to take the mantle onto herself. 
 Our neighbor Link went crabbing and his wife Yan cooked some up for us to try.  Daisy hid under the table but Rocky and her dad enthusiastically dug in.

 Rosy was only interested in it while she thought it was a toy.  Once she realized it was a food she moved on to other things, like eating the Cheerios that she could find on the floor.

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