Friday, November 15, 2013

My Excuse

 If anyone has any questions about why I can't seem to get anything done I am going to give the same answer which is that I've got a baby dragon.  I tried to clean the oven, which pretty much took the entire day because the time was split equally between scrubbing and using my body to keep Rosy out of the mess.  I tried distracting her with toys, snacks, and I even tried to pay Rocky a dime to keep her out of my hair but it was to no avail.  Finally I just threw in the towel, forgot about baking anything for dinner, and waited until she was in bed to finish the job.  The thing about her is that she is relentless.  She is always in attack mode and no matter how far I move her or what kind of obstacles I put in her way she finds her way back.  It's even worse now that she is walking.  I guess this stubborn focus will serve her well when she is running a Fortune 500 company one day but for now it is causing quite a bit of chaos in our home.

Yesterday we had a great time at Yan's house.  She lives above us and one apartment over so her place is an inverse of ours.  She taught us how to make dumplings.  I definitely got better after some practice but Rocky got sick of trying to improve and decided that she make them her own way.  She started wrapping them up in little square presents.  I tried to tell her that she was doing it wrong but then she reprimanded me by saying that being creative is never wrong.

One of these things is not like the others...
 Rosy and Wayne spent some time getting to know each other a little bit better. 
 Daisy was more patient than her sister and I have to say, hers turned out beautifully.  She does have a way with food, this little girl.
 Although they made a valiant effort, it just wasn't going to happen with the chopsticks. 

 Rosy got into it but instead of using them to eat, she just got some practice drumming, and poking the other kids.

Rocky was in charge of documenting all the exciting moments and out of the 14 photos that she took this is the cutest one.  Anna and Bijoux are two of my favorite friends in the red doors, not to mention that they are awesome at wrapping vegan dumplings.

And after all that cooking we still found energy to hit the Ducks volleyball game.

 They look like they are having the best time.

 Once Rosy caught sight of Puddles the Duck she could not take her eyes off him.  She just kept grunting and watching wherever he went. 
 And with that I must go because I just heard a little attack dragon who has woken up and I am quite positive that her first order of business will be to make it impossible for me to sit at a computer.  Well, that is my excuse anyway.

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