Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Comes, and Goes, Again

At the request of two persuasive little blonde girls we dressed like Wreck it Ralph.  We've got Fix It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, General Calhoun, Wreck it Ralph and one very grumpy King Candy.

The costume production started weeks ago and Brandon used his imagination once again in making costumes.  You know what they say, one man's junk is another man's cardboard armor. 
 This year he had to get in touch with his inner tailor. 
 The costume that took the most time to create also took our Baby Dragon the least amount of time to destroy.  The eyebrows lasted about 12 seconds.  I think it was Rosy's first fight with her dad but after a few minutes they were able to work it out and be friends again.
The only part about being a king that she liked at all was the candy.
 For their parts, Rocky and Daisy were darling.  They bounced from house to house and were absolutely thrilled with their treats.
 They did stop for a second to get a photo with their favorite Berenstain Bears.  This photo is great from both sides.

  After a tough night of door-to-door begging Daisy had to endure a very intense hair washing session.  As a reward we let her sort her candy.  She lined them all up and then touched them one by one and said, "This is my favorite."  I could tell that she was tiring out about halfway through but she was determined that she wouldn't leave anyone out.

 She woke up in the morning with a renewed sense of energy and played with her treats all morning.  I let her eat some until she had the obligatory day-after-Halloween meltdown.  She is in her room wailing right now but I'd rather keep this image in mind.
 The dinner in a pumpkin this year turned out the best so far.  I think it is probably because I had such good helpers when it came time to clean out the seeds.
 Rosy was more interested in playing with the pumpkin than eating it.
Now it is time for my own Halloween meltdown.  I think the only remedy is if we all take a nap.

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