Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oh Rosy

 Rosy refuses to sit in the high chair like a normal baby.  She thinks it is cooler to make sure that one leg is sticking out at all times.  It may be uncomfortable but she is willing to make the physical sacrifices that are necessary be awesome.

In a stroke of innovation she went ahead and improvised her own Legos.  It really is ingenious because she used the one medium that will always be in supply in a house full of girls.

 And here are her "babysitters" that were supposedly keeping an eye on her when I ran out to grab the clothes from the laundry room next door.  Instead they were watching Saturday morning cartoons.  If you look closely you can see that Daisy has clearly had an overload of TV time. 

The Rose-bud has definitely moved into a higher level of rambunctiousness.  Don't believe this face.
She knows what she is doing. 

In an unrelated story:
Last night I was working on a project and I got out our seldom-used iron.  I didn't realize how seldom-used until Rocky came in this morning and said, with kind of disgust in her voice, "Mom, what is an iron doing in our house?"  She thought that some evil elf monster had snuck it in while we were sleeping.  That story was more probably in her mind than that I would actually be doing some ironing.

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