Friday, November 1, 2013

Push-Ups for Points

 I have been saving photos that didn't seem to fit with other things but that I didn't want to miss sharing them.  Now they have all added up and I can't hold them back anymore.  These subject-less posts sometimes are my favorite because they seem a good representation of my life.  Seemingly random moments that are thrust at me throughout each day that kind of add up to the reason that I feel like I am nuts.

Even though we end up listening to the Duck games on the radio Rocky and Daisy try to support Puddles by doing the touch-down push-ups with him.  Since Oregon is doing so well this year it is pretty great exercise.  They are obviously much cooler when done with vampire teeth.  The teeth came from a birthday party treat bag which, as we all know, is the best part of a birthday party.  The girls were amazed at the teeth.  I guess they had never seen them before and were blown away when they figured out what they were.  They both were wearing them nonstop for a couple of days.  It was a pain for obvious reasons, but was also kind of a bonus Brandon and me because it was the first time we were able to have a conversation without being interrupted.  That is not to say that my little chatterboxes stopped talking, just that it was too muffled to understand and much easier to ignore.

Rocky spent quite a while working on this portrait of Matt's family.  She really got into the details, asking me to find out what the cats looked like.  I'm not sure why she was so concerned because the cats obviously aren't pink and purple.  I also thought it was odd that the cats were the only thing colored.  When I was looking at it more closely I asked her what the dots were on Kristin and she used her most patronizing voice to say, "They are the boobs Mom.  Well, I mean, not the boobs, but you know, the nipples."
I didn't ask about Matt but I'm hoping that I was correct in assuming that he was wearing a tie.
I started to tell her that you can't really get away with drawing boobs in kindergarten but then I remembered that real artists need to have a command on the human body.  I'd better not start censoring her just when she is making so much progress.
I probably should warn her though before she has another awkward moment at school.  She is still trying to live down the day that she came home and said, "Did you know that at school the kids don't take off their shirts when they eat spaghetti?"  That was a lesson she'll never forget.

Owly, Chloe, Kristin, Matt and Joanna

Ethan and Ginny
 Rocky was a little embarrassed about how the teeth came out.  She said they looked a little monstery but I thought they were pretty cool.

Rosy has been helping me with the laundry quite a bit.  For those of you who don't get to see her regularly, this is one of the reasons it is hard to convince anyone that she isn't truly a baby dragon.
 I figured out that she can walk, but it is just too slow for her liking.  I might never have put it together if we hadn't given her a graham cracker for each hand.  Once she had both hands full she couldn't crawl and she had to stand up and walk if she was going to have a chance at getting a third.
 Someone observant (Jill) might notice that she is wearing her jacket inside.  We have officially started the Rigby freeze out.  When the temperature drops our determination to suffer increases and I make my kids layer on the warm clothes instead of turning on the heat for even one second.  We are still at jacket but no hat level.  I do want to point out that no matter how cold it gets it is never cold enough for the my kids to agree that they need to wear shoes (inside or outside.)  When it gets really bad I resort to baking things in the oven and I tell myself that it isn't a waste because it is food.
There is no reason that I won't just turn on the heat except that I am a weirdo.

Rosy likes to watch Brandon out the window when he is doing pull-ups. 
 I just thought it was cute.  She is so, so cute.
 Here I am modeling my new prized possession.  This is the shirt that proves that at least once I opened my stingy purse strings and made a donation for the good of humanity.  Supporting the kick-starter for a Veronica Mars movie is something I'll never regret.
And now we can end on a high note because seriously, what could be more fun?


Lindsey and Isaac said...

I love your subject-less post! The boys were pouring all over each picture and I think they are a little jealous of the vampire teeth...and the girls' push-up form. What awesome Halloween costumes again this year! You guys should move to Montana. :)

Laurie said...

Please don't move to Montana. :) (Sorry Lindsey.) I love, love, love all of your posts. I'm absolutely dying though, I have to know if Matt was really wearing a tie?!