Sunday, March 15, 2015


 I busted out my camera because I knew that I hadn't taken very many photos in the past months and was surprised to find hundreds of pictures that had been taken.  Luckily due to my sleuthing skills I was able to figure out who had  been taking them.   Advice:  Never take a selfie on a stolen camera.

I don't know how she had the time to take all those pictures without me knowing.  I am a very attentive mother and I would not have been hiding in my room reading for any reason.
 I  will spare you the majority of the  shots but feel compelled to share 2.   I wanted to keep this one though so you can see how bad the big teeth are hitting this kid.   It is the beginning of the awkward  stage but so far she  is owning it.   It's not always pretty here folks, but we have to share the truth.
There is also a hint of a possible accomplice.
 I swear  that  I didn't take this picture of Pandora playing Nick Jonas.  I have proof that I was busy in the other room.
I do occasionally stray from the coziness of my bed every now and then to actually parent.    Most of those times as usual have to do with food.  While we have tried to cut down on sugar around here, and have had a small margin of success, I draw the  line at Valentines Day.  We just had to make sugar cookies and cover them with sugary frosting  and  then cover that frosting with candy.  If we didn't it just wouldn't be American.
 I am not a total loser though because those Valentine cookies were in the shape of skulls.  We have to keep with tradition.

 Despite all my efforts with bribing and sugar Brandon still ends up being the cool parent.  (Unless we are taking a trip to get frozen yogurt because when I take them they each get their own.)  When he gets home he has four of us competing for his attention  and it isn't unusual for us all to be talking at the same time. 
 I let the girls have him and selflessly give up my time with him so that he can brush their teeth and get them in their jammies and do all of the night time routine while I look at Pinterest on my iPod.  That is what being a mom  is all about right?  Sacrifice. 
 We really did things up good this year for Valentines.  A pink smoothie (you know we are using  that Vitamix every chance we can get) and a heart pizza. 
 This looks like one of those Pinterest Fail pictures but I wasn't embarrassed about how it turned out.  Mostly I was just chagrined that I did it at all.  It is surprising what those giant eyes of my second daughter can convince me  to do.

 Bonus  Picture:

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