Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fortunes, Forecasts, Lucky Charms

 I know, another kid-in-the-laundry-basket photo  but seriously how could I resist?  She is in the basket, she is wearing the cutest coat ever, and she looks like she could eat you alive.  This might be the best picture I ever get of her so I am going to use it.

The other day Rocky got some of the kids organized and they put together a little business.  They posted signs all over the stairwell.  I saw them working on it but I wasn't sure what it was all about. 
 They have played entrepreneur before but until now it has always been with their budding restaurant but this time they moved on to an entirely different market.
 Kudos to Rocky for picking a product that would appeal to the local demographic but I don't know how much money they are hoping to bring in by telling fortunes for free.  Then again there is an option of paying 1$ which seems like a shrewd trick on her part.  I mean, if I am going to have my fortune told I would want it to be from someone who was feeling pretty good about me as a customer. I might accept  a free sample from the lady at Costco but I would think twice before I went for a free haircut from a stranger.  Who is this fortune teller anyway? 
I like that they included  a testimonial but have to deduct some points for the lack of an apostrophe.
I decided to get  in on the deal and read Rosy's future.  She didn't look kindly upon the idea of potty training.
It's Cool!
 The weather has been incredible for weeks.  We have been soaking up the sun and taking advantage like Oregonians do because you never know when it will leave.  I have run on the Ridgeline Trail lots of times and figured I would be able to navigate it okay with the girls. The thing I forgot is that running with your friends and walking with little people are  two very different activities.  It took us a lot longer than I expected but it was a lovely hike.

 Rosy, show us how you really feel.
 Daisy felt compelled to demonstrate how she would feel if she saw a cougar and then Rosy had to do the same in true little sister fashion.  Rosy looks  more  like she is participating in some kind of meditation.  She believes  in embracing  her fears.

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