Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rosy and/or Georgie

Rosy still wants to be called Georgie about half of the time.  It doesn't seem like she has multiple personalities because the two of them are exactly the same.  There is no way to predict which name she wants so you just have to wait until you are corrected. 

She has been sleeping in lately, sometimes even as late as 9:00.  She wakes up talking and doesn't stop until she falls asleep for her nap.   Most of what she says sounds like nonsense, but she is becoming increasingly easier to understand.  The first thing she says when she wakes up is "No eye monsters," and she will repeat it over and over until you acknowledge  it.  I asked her a  bunch of times what she meant.   I thought it was because a while ago she had an infection that made her eye goopy when she woke up.  It wasn't until I heard Brandon putting her to bed that  I figured it out.   When she asked about monsters he answered in Spanish, "No hay monstrous" (There are no monsters).  No eye monsters. I wonder what kind of images she had in mind when her dad kept bringing up these terrible creatures every night as he tucked her in. 

She is very particular about how she wants things.   She will  not sleep  if  anything in her room  is out of place.   One day she was crying and I went to check on her and she was mad because there was a sticker  that someone had stuck to her shelves.  Once I removed it she snuggled into her blankets and fell right asleep.  She insists on having her pillow in one corner  and the giraffe toy on the opposite side.  She must have her "manta" as  the first blanket  and the second blanket is rotated according to mood.  Her Deer Friend and the Bush Baby are allowed to stay as well as the Duck and Goose Have Feelings board book. She freaks out if  her shoes, or socks are left in her room.  If she is taking a nap they can be placed outside her door but if it is night  time they have to be in the box in the kitchen.  We are planning on moving her into the big girl room soon but Rocky and Daisy are really going to have to step of their cleaning game or none of them will be getting any sleep at all.

On  one hand it is a pain to deal  with all  her  demands, but on  the other  it is super easy because once the problem is  fixed and things are the way she wants she will snuggle in as happy as a little clam.

She refuses to have her picture taken unless she wants it and will deliberately ruin a photo if she isn't in the mood.

That Face
I like to call her the bag lady.  She has  gotten really into dress up and that generally includes 4 or 5 bags filled with trinkets.  She spends all morning while the others are at school filling bags, carrying them around, and dumping them out all over the house.  Then when Rocky and Daisy get home I make them go around and pick up the  piles of their toys while Rosy is napping.  This is probably the one time they are right when they tell me that their lives aren't fair.

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