Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daisy May

 Daisy turned 5 years old.  This self-portrait that she made is not only awesome, it is also horrifying at night when the light from the lamppost outside hits it. 

Luckily the girl herself is not scary at all, even when she sneaks right up to the side of the bed in the middle of the night to whisper in your ear that she thought she heard a ghost.  That only happens like 2 nights out of 3 so it isn't really a big deal.

For her birthday she was very specific.   She wanted a blue cake with pink frosting, a basketball hoop, and a pink soccer ball.  She also wanted to go bowling and to eat at Wendy's.  She is just the kind of kid that knows what she wants.

 So we gave it to her.  

 Things were going well until we realized that all of the Wendy's Restaurants in Eugene are closed.  The buildings are all still there mocking little birthday girls, but the places themselves are out of business.  Daisy turned her giant eyes into heartbreaking teary puddles and her little frown came out and even a mean mom who believes in tough love turned to mush.  Her sad face might more aptly be considered a super power.  If she joined the Avengers Thor could just lift her up and  point it at the super villains and they would crumble and give themselves up for arrest.  It is that sad.

Eventually she sighed and agreed to go to Little Big Burger.   She perked up when she realized that she  was going to get a whole hamburger to herself.
 I didn't think she could do it but one bite at a time she worked at it until the job was  done.  And she  still managed to have some space for cake and ice cream.  The girl stands up to a challenge.
 Anyone who knows Daisy loves her.   She is tender and loving and also has a belly laugh that is contagious.  Her favorite song is Katie Perry's  Dark Horse and every time it comes on the radio she will  wait for her favorite part.  She likes the deep voice that pipes in with, "There's no goin' back." 
She wanted a basketball hoop because she wants to play basketball with her dad, Abi and uncles when we go back to Utah.  She has a lot of friends and out on the playground they pretend to play Frozen almost every day.   Daisy is always Elsa and Rosy is always Olaf.  The other roles sometimes switch around.   She loves to show her "girl power" by lifting heavy things and will complain when we are carrying in groceries if I try to give her something that is too light.  She likes  to play by herself.  Lately she is making all kinds of things out of her new Legos and she surprises me with her creativity.  When she grows up she wants to be a cheerleader.  I asked her her  favorite color and she said, "every color" but we all know that it is pink.  I asked her what she liked to do and  she said, "everything."   She prefers to be mysterious like that.

She just gets cuter and more loveable every year. 
Nice job photo-bombing Rosy.

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