Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Return of the Nubbies

 It was wacky hair day at school so we pulled out an oldie but a goodie.   I forgot how much I loved putting nubbies on my girls.   I think it is going to be moved from the "wacky hair" category into the little known "my mom actually did something to my hair" category.  If we add the nubbies  then that category will actually exist.

Dance Party!  What else  would we be doing on a Thursday afternoon?
 The girls were thrilled that it was time for the first of this year's OTC 5ks. They looked forward to it all week.  When Daisy got home from school on race day she told me that she was careful all day not to waste her energy because she was saving it for later. I was a little hesitant because my running has been,  let's  just  say, sub-par.  The evening was beautiful and the OTC crowd is just so amazing that we couldn't miss it.  Brandon bravely struck out with Rocky and I had the chance to stick with Daisy.  She was an amazing little trooper.   Thanks to a few injuries and a growing belly my new running buddy is Daisy.  We match our paces perfectly and we both need to stop for a drink and/or potty break at the same time.  She was tired but she stayed on  her feet the whole race.  Even though the empty spot in the jogger was calling her name she overcame the temptation and finished strong.  
 Rocky just runs because she wants someone to tell her stories.  She was there to cheer us into the chute.  Rosy made sure to tell everyone that I made her ride even though she would have preferred to run. 
There was no school on Friday and we were all a little sore so I turned on a yoga DVD that we checked out from the library.  Of course the Eugene library has like 100 pregnancy yoga DVDs and of course the one that we happened to have at the time was the weirdest one.   The girls tried their best though and they really focused on putting their hands on their bellies and sending their love and energy into their babies. 
 In the end we all actually benefited from spending some time breathing deeply and preparing for labor.
Bonus Picture:  Katie's  Birthday

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