Sunday, May 10, 2015

Master Gardeners

 Rocky and Daisy have actually been a big help this year in our little garden. 
 Rosy, not so much.  She's  enthusiastic but also the mortal enemy of anything that is actually trying to grow.  I am not sure if this is her smile or a warning to plants everywhere.
The peas are giant and we just got the tomatoes and peppers in.  This year we added a Rosemary bush and I hope that it will bless the land of Spencer View  long after we leave. 

After all that work Rocky had to recoup by listening to some tunes and basking in the rays of the sun.  A neighbor asked me if she was okay because she was kind of being sulky.  My response was that she thinks she is a teenager.  Now that she has her iPod shuffle she is really pulling off the ruse.  I try and  remind her that she is 7 but like a typical teenager she just rolls her eyes.  She plays the part well for 20 minutes or so and  then she gets restless and will go back to playing with the kids.  I guess you have to work yourself into it.
 Daisy is  growing up fast too and the training wheels are officially gone.  She is so proud of herself.  She keeps at a cautious speed which sometimes makes for more accidents but along with the falls she has upped her girl power and will bravely bandage her own wounds. 

Rocky participated in the Fiesta at her school.   This year they performed the Kalinka   Malinka which is apparently a traditional Russian dance.  On the way there she told me that she had seen all the other classes  dance and that her class was the very best.   I admired her confidence but was sure that every kid felt the same way.  Nope, we watched the whole thing and her dance really was the best.  The whole school seemed to know it and the crowd was going wild.  All the dances were cute but Maestra Field's class stole the show.   I feel bad for Rocky that she is having all these great moments at such an early age.  First after the Vitamix she hit the plateau for Christmas, then she had probably the best soccer coach she will ever have, and now  she has hit Buena Vista fame and she is only in first grade.  What is she going to do with the rest of her life?
 Rosy got me this Gerbera Daisy plant for Mother's Day.  It is perfect because it is my favorite flower in her favorite color.  She didn't have any money so when I was looking at tomato plants at Jerry's Home Improvement she went ahead and picked herself a few.  What else could I do but buy the plant?  If you can say anything about Rosy it is that she always gets what she wants in the end.

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