Sunday, May 10, 2015


 Both girls begged to participate in spring soccer and with a few papers signed we entered the world of organized sports.  I wasn't that  thrilled with the idea because the two girls had rotating practice  schedules and games so we had soccer pretty much every day.  But once we got into it I found that they were having a really great time. 
Daisy played on the kinder team, Thunder.  She did a good job running after the ball.  As soon as she got close to it she would stop and take a few steps back just so she wouldn't accidentally touch it.  She was really proud of herself so Brandon and I didn't  feel too bad about how hard we laughed every time she would run away from the action.  She was fun to watch because even  though she wouldn't  ever  touch the ball she was still completely focused on the game.  She was right there with the other girls playing  as hard as she could. 
 I am not sure if she has sports in her future or not.  I think it is a little too early to tell, but I can say for certain that she really rocked those little green shorts.
 Rocky's team, Shimmering Blue Tigers FC was a little more intense.  Her coach used to coach the Oregon State women's team and he was just as good with the little girls as he was with the college students.  She learned a lot and took her games seriously.  She is fun to watch because she is so earnest in whatever she is doing.  In  the last game she scored a goal and I may have choked up a little bit because of her bashful pride in herself.  I'm not a competitive person and I don't really even know how soccer is supposed to be played but I was so proud that she has learned so much.

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