Sunday, May 10, 2015

Roll in the Dough

 Rocky loves Buena Vista and it truly is a great school.  One of the reasons that they have so many cool programs  is because they are constantly fund-raising.   We live on a pretty tight budget so as  a family we aren't all that great about participating.  We said no to the cookie box delivery, wrapping paper, and the silent auction. We did participate in the Box Tops, the jogathon, and the Papa's Pizza coupons.  Since Rocky sold one coupon to me she was entered into a raffle to 'Roll in the Dough'.  I found the raffle ticket in her backpack and gave her instructions to put it in the jar.  She told me later that she accidentally put it in the wrong jar but somehow it made it in and she, miracle of miracles, was drawn.  They wrapped her in tape and she had 20 seconds to roll in dollar bills. 
 The kids were chanting her name and it was pretty much the most exciting event of her life.  She came  out of there with 11 bucks.  You would have  thought it was a million if you had seen her huge smile.
 Daisy and Rosy were also pretty proud.  If you look closely in this photo you can see that Rosy brought her iPod.  It is a toy Barbie phone that she carries around everywhere she goes.  It shows you how much kids model their parents  because any savvy kid knows that she should have at least demanded a Smartphone in her imagination.   She gets by just using the free wifi that she can access at home and at the library  and  mostly uses it to look at pictures of baby animals.  She also makes  a surprising amount of calls to her Oma.  The front side switches between a pretty saucy picture of Barbie and a menu screen and the back side has a sticker of Jesus.  This came in mighty handy the other day when she and the little Muslim girl that lives in the next building  were fighting over it.  They both said it was theirs but Jesus ended up being the deciding witness.  She wants to take it with her everywhere and then spends  most of her time dropping it and making her pregnant mom retrace  her steps back into Costco to find it.

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