Sunday, July 26, 2015

Artists in Action

 Rocky gave me an  invitation to her Spring Fashion Fling.
 She handed it to me and then she said, "Oh, and can you  bring Brunch?"  I was impressed and disappointed at the same time  when I saw the "you're dolls."  I had no idea that she knew how to use an apostrophe, but did she have to use it to commit the worst atrocity in the English language?
I don't  know what happened but all of a sudden the girls are really into fashion.  Some people left a couple of fashion magazines on the benches outside  when they moved out and Rocky and Daisy cut out a bunch of pages and  hung them all over their room.  They think they are teenagers.

Daisy drew this moose.  I don't have anything to say about it except that it makes me very happy.
 When I was cleaning up some things in my room  I found the card  that Rocky made for Father's Day.  She gave it  to me to hide so that she  could surprise her dad with  it,  and then when Ike was born  we both forgot about it. 
In case you can't tell  Chewbacca is saving the world from very smiley dinosaurs.

Hopefully these works made you're day a little better. 

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