Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chillin' Like a Villain

 I have taken photo after photo trying to prove how long and lurpy this baby is but every time I get it out he curls himself  into a little ball.  I guess it is okay because he looks so cute all squished like that.  I am especially fond of his feet. 
The last few days went super smoothly because Kathy was here showering everyone with love.  She did all kinds of activities with the girls and snuggled little Ike who took to her immediately.
 They made Star Wars chocolates using the original  molds.  They also made some that were in the shape of baby booties which led to the girls giggling uncontrollably.    Let's just say when Abia said they were making baby booties they had a different kind of booty in mind. 
 Chewbacca was clearly the favorite and as much as I would like to say it is because they admire his strength and courage I think it probably has more to do with the fact that he is almost twice the size as the next smallest character.  I'm not raising fools.
 As I mentioned before Kathy is a world class baby snuggler and even though she just left last night it seems that the little guy has realized that she is gone.  Instead of being soothed to sleep he is back to being poked by his  mom  who  wants him to open his eyes so she can take a picture. 

Photo Bomb
 At  least now I have proof that despite all evidence from the blog, Rosy does know  how to smile.  She actually has a smile that is irresistible.  I think that is  why she uses it sparsely when her picture is being taken.   She is afraid that if it is overused it will lose its power.  
 He is slowly gaining weight but still looks  pretty gaunt.   It is hard to fill out a body that lanky.
 We needed a picture showing Daisy and Rosy in their matching Jammies.  Rocky felt like it was a little unfair that since she grew out of the P.J.s that she got kicked out of the shot.  I took one with her in it and then went ahead and cropped her out.  I would feel worse if she wasn't the only one of the 4 children in this family with a baby book.  I gotta make things right somehow.

Daisy has become a complete baby hog.  Whenever someone else tries to hold him she hounds them until  they give him up.  For his part he seems quite content when she has him, probably because as long as he is in her arms that means he is not being held by Rosy.  He is only 3 weeks but he can already tell that a not-quite-three-year-old has no business holding him.  To be fair, she really tries hard to be gentle, and she has improved quite a bit,  but we all kind of hold  our breath when  it is her turn.   
 We had to make a  stop in at Voodoo Doughnuts.  Rosy has trouble when we are there because their are three choices with orange frosting.  In the end  she  decided that the best bet was the one that also had  orange sprinkles.

We also  stopped at Papa's Pizza so that they could spend some quality time in the ball pit. 
 And now that our grandparent visits are over things are about to get boring.  We are thrilled to have our new baby but it has put a damper on the usual summer activities.  My plan is to keep things calm for another  week or two and then hit August hard.  Either that or we could just keep it calm until next summer.  That  sounds even better.

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Sydney said...

Wow, reading this makes me miss you guys! I think Ike looks exactly like you. Great pics of the kids and that Rosy is looking so old!