Sunday, July 26, 2015

Safety Town

 Daisy spent two weeks at Safety Town.  The Eugene Police put on the two week camp and she learned all kinds of safety rules.  On the last day they performed songs at the graduation ceremony.

 Safety camp  couldn't have come at a better time for our family.  All the kids have been adjusting  to the new  baby but it has been the hardest on Daisy.  The other day Brandon went to take the kids to the library to give me a break and a  minute  after  they left Daisy came back in.  She had a big smile and told me that she was going to stay home with me.  A couple seconds later Rosy came in and Daisy burst into tears.  She just wanted  to be home without her sisters.   In the end Rocky won because she ended up getting to go to the library and having her dad to herself.  The big  I tried to comfort Daisy for a second while Rosy was outside which gave  her enough time to run away.  Then I  spent the next 10 minutes looking for her only to find her in the stairway directly above our apartment.  By that time Brandon was home and my patience was gone...again.
The camp  was perfect because it gave the middle child a chance to be away from the rest of us.
Being a mom is interesting.  It isn't easy trying to balance the joy that comes from always being wanted and the exhaustion that comes from always being wanted.

We are starting to emerge back into regular  life.  Our ward had a Pioneer Day picnic and it was delightful.  The kids all played  old games.  They did a three-legged race, played  tug-of-war, jumped around in gunny sacks, and a bunch of other stuff that adults never let kids do anymore because they could be dangerous.  Of course there were some minor bumps and bruises as a result but it felt like childhood should feel. I finally remembered I had a camera at the end of the party when the kids were playing at the playground.

 I  love this picture of the boys.
 After church today I was sitting on the bed feeding the babe and watching  Rosy.  She knew I was in the  room but I am positive she didn't know I was watching her.  She spent 20 minutes diligently working on her new hairstyle.

Clearly it was worth the time.

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