Sunday, July 26, 2015

Good and Crazy

 People keep asking me how things are going with four kids.   This photo is  the answer.
Everyone is alive and healthy but maybe sometimes not everyone is wearing pants.

After 7 years of living in Eugene  we finally went to one of the Oregon  Track Club All Comers Meets.  The kids get a chance to participate in track and field events at Hayward Field.  One week world class runners take the track and the next week a bunch of enthusiastic kids.  Both meets are extremely competitive.

Daisy got to run in a heat with Kinsley which is cool because they are  close friends.  This also means that Kinsley gets to look even faster than she is.   It is  kind of like when I run with...I mean behind  her mom  Katie.
 And just  like  me Daisy happily takes things at her own pace.
 Rocky was in the big kid division where things get serious.  They even start with the  gun like the adults.  She got off  to a bad beginning after  plugging her ears because she was afraid it  would  be too loud.  Then one of  the other girls crossed  into her lane in front and  slowed her down.
 Eventually she jumped into the open lane and ended up finishing 3rd.   She was  pretty proud of her  ribbon.
 Rosy even  ran the 60 meter race  assisted by Brandon.  I unfortunately didn't  get  a picture because I was trying to sort out confusion with Rocky at the long jump pit.  You may rest  assured that it was adorable.   These meets are just another reason that Eugene is awesome.

 Ike has continued to grow.   He has never ending attention from his sisters.  I left him in  the front  room while  I was trying to get Rosy to take a nap and the big girls had made a bed for him complete with a pillow pet,  Boppy, and a  tissue  paper headrest.  They were  in the process of building Tinker Toy scaffolding over  him but  I had to put the kibosh on that.   They also took  another  60 photos but  none of them  were good,  except maybe this one. 
Take that Suckers!
 He is growing but still looks as lurpy as can be.   My spell checker is trying to tell me that 'lurpy' isn't a word but I looked it up and found it on Urban Dictionary...along with a lot of other interesting  words.  None of my neighbors here think it is a real word either, except the ones from Utah.  According to my online research it means a more awkward form of lanky.  Yep, that is my baby.

He is lurpy and awesome.

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