Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A New Phone

 Sine I finally got a smartphone I have gotten a little crazy about taking photos.  I am pulling it out all the time and 99% of the time it is aimed at one of my kids.  I know there is a whole world around me but the world is basically the same all the time and the children are changing every single day.

Here are just a few of the moments that I captured.

Daisy woke up to bad hair on picture day.  It was nothing a flat iron couldn't cure.

Chocolate Face

The Whale by the River

Take a picture, Mom!

 No cupcake is safe when Ike is at the birthday party.
 Rosy modeled this amazing dress at the Eugene quilt show.  Carolyn did an amazing job making it and Rosy got all the credit just for wearing it.

Laundry Day

Who really knows what this is about?  I mean, seriously.

Look at these little stylers all ready for school.

Mom, do I look really cool like this?

Another birthday party, another pinata.  

Just putting on the finishing touches before church.
 Ike wants to play all day with balls.  He rolls then around and kicks them and when he can't find a ball an onion will do, or a pumpkin, or a half-eaten apple.

 Anyone who knows this girl will know that her Oma gave her the best gift of her life with the trilogy of Scary Stories.  And anyone who knows me will already understand where she got her interest.  And anyone who is planning on bringing children to our house should be warned that not only are these books available, they are Rocky's favorite topic of conversation.

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