Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Soccer Time...Again

After quite a bit of discussion, Rocky and Daisy both decided that they wanted to do soccer again.  My original instinct is to whine about being stuck at practices all week but this season has been surprisingly enjoyable.  It most likely has to do with the weather.  While practice is happening the rest of us get to enjoy the sunshine.
The Life of a Little Brother
 I am just learning to embrace the whole soccer mom mini van deal.

Gol!!!! Unfortunately she is the Keeper.
 Rocky actually has done really well this season.  Every time she steps into the role of goalie I get super nervous.  I don't know why I freak out, it isn't the Olympics, but it just seems like such a vulnerable situation.  She isn't fazed at all by it and handles the challenge with grace and confidence.

Daisy has been playing too and is doing really well.  I don't have any photos because she has missed all the games since they were on Sundays.  Trust me though, she is killing it at practice.

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