Tuesday, October 18, 2016


 Here we go again with the jogathon.  The girls ran their little hearts out and I went and ran with them.  This time I told them the story of The Secret Garden.  Rocky was great and had a lot of fun, along with several stops to pick up watermelon and get drinks.  She ended up running 14 laps.

 Daisy had her game face on that day and ran 18 laps.  I was pretty impressed with both of them.  This is a regulation size track we are talking about here. That is 4.5 miles.  Good thing we didn't bother to go out and get any pledges or we would be sending our friends and neighbors to the poorhouse.
Rocky has a little bit of election fever.  If you want to know her opinion on the issues just go ahead and ask her, and then sit down to make yourself comfortable because the girl has a LOT to say.  Spoiler alert: She's with her.

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