Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rosy is 4!

 Our little Rosy turned 4.  While we were in Utah in the summer she told her Oma and Opa, "I know you will come to visit me for my birthday because you love me." She may be small but she is a master when it comes to getting her way.
 She wanted everything to be orange and for her birthday dinner picked eggs and bacon.

BFF Bijoux

Meg and Shaun
 Her Opa found some orange roses which just seemed a little too perfect to pass up.
 Rosy is hard to describe.  Clearly she is adorable with her little ringlets and blue eyes.  She can charm her way into the heart of any stranger.  She is stubborn and strong-willed and smart as a whip.  She is loving and fun to be around and she is always in the middle of whatever is happening.  I sure love her and can't imagine my world without her.

Everything is more fun with grandparents.

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