Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Back To School

 This was the second year of our special back to school dinner.  We get all kinds of fancy and actually set the table.  The girls all helped work to plan the menu, spaghetti and meatballs, soup and bread.  Then there were a few little back to school gifts.  Hopefully doing this tradition will eliminate back to school jitters and make sure that everyone knows how lucky they are to get to go to school.  Ike and I have to just watch longingly while they head out the door.
3rd Grade

1st Grade
Head Start

Awww....when did these babies get so big?  Rosy has been wanting to go to school for the last two years and it was finally her turn.

Ike has to console himself by keeping up on his reading.

 Rosy loves school and comes home completely exhausted.
 Ike and I have had a good time bonding.  It is the first time he has ever had a chance to be the only kid around and while he adores his sisters he has a great time without them.

 He gets into all the stuff that the girls won't let him touch when they are around.  He also likes ot stash things in the laundry hampers.
Those aren't dirty clothes.
And he gets the bath tub all too himself which is the most sought after prize in this house.

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