Monday, April 10, 2017

Daisy's Birthday

 Our little Daisy turned 7.  She shares her birthday with Sailor and the two of them are the cutest little birthday buddies ever.  Sailor's mom put together a Pinterest worthy tea party which will never be matched which worked out well because I have signed a contract in blood swearing that I will not host any more birthday parties.
And then Daisy got to celebrate again when her grandparents came.
 We watched the Weber State game in the classroom theater that we have adopted.  For the first time it seemed that there may be a reason for three giant screens in a tiny room.
 For her birthday meal Daisy chose Dairy Queen.  She is one smart little lady because the kid's meal comes with ice cream.

 I knew that Dad was feeling right at home when he made one of his custom breakfast creations.
 We also had to stock up on some Diet Mt. Dew.  This "Shopper in Training" caught the attention of the whole store. She had the dew, a giant jar of Nutella and some Whoppers Robin Eggs.  I think I saw a hippie faint as we passed.

We had a lot of fun just hanging out and playing Splat!  We went to Sunrise Asian Market to stock up on some exotic ingredients, we made several trips back and forth from Buena Vista, and we took a trip to Value Village before it closed.  My favorite moment was when my mom and I went out and bought a new bike for Rocky. I felt bad that I made my parents spend all their time here helping me with the kids, but I was so grateful that they were there.  Brandon spent almost a month working ridiculous hours in his office to make a deadline and it was such fun to have my mom and dad there to keep me company and to keep me sane.
 Ike stuck with tradition and attached himself to his Opa.  I don't think there was one minute that they were here that he wasn't either with him, or looking for him.
It always seems like these visits will last, but the goodbye is always too soon.

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