Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break!

 Brandon had to submit his paper before spring break so that meant that we got to really party.  Yogurt Extreme is the perfect place to celebrate.
 We spent a glorious day at Silver Falls.  I only took one photo of each waterfall that we saw on our hike.








 It was a long hike, especially for Rosy but she didn't give up.  My favorite part was at the end when we were slogging through mud and Brandon led the kids in a "bear hunt".  They had just started getting grumpy and he popped them out of it.  I didn't take a picture but there was a point when they were all pretending like they were climbing a tree and I just stopped and felt all the feels.  I was surrounded by nature, with tired muscles hiking with my family just feeling as grateful as a woman could be.  

 Ike had a pretty good deal snoozing through the uphills.  When he woke up we were almost back to the parking lot and he begged to walk.  We put him down and I guess his legs were jelly because he ran for about 3 seconds and face planted.  He had a goose egg on his forehead and road rash on his nose.

Brushing teeth is the hardest job of the day.
 We took a ladies lunch and caught a flick.

 And then spent a lovely day with old friends at the Oregon Gardens.  I miss my old Spencer View buddies so much.  Just seeing them brought me joy that I hadn't realized how much I missed.

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