Monday, April 10, 2017

Smiling, Dancing, Cheering, and Climbing

 Another of my favorite places in Eugene has been mentioned before, The Eugene Masonic Cemetery.  I especially like to walk there on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy the peaceful feeling I get there. Daisy likes to join me and we talk about all big questions of life, like what she wants to be when she grows up and what kind of ice cream is the best.

We had to speak in church and after it was over we spotted the notes Rocky had taken.  Hilarious.
 She also drew this uplifting and spiritual drawing of a vampire.  I am not sure what the little guys on the bottom are up to but it don't look good.
 Rocky and Daisy participated in their annual Fiesta Cultural.  They had a great time as usual.  I think that the chance to perform at the Hult Center is a highlight of their year.
 They were both great little dancers.
 And Rosy and Ike were troopers during the whole 3 hours.

Just kickin' it on the piano.
 The ward had a variety show and for a month whenever Brandon had any extra time he worked with the kids on their cheerleading.  It was scary, and fun.  I was amazed at how quickly they improved.  It was a night to remember.


 It shouldn't be surprise that Rocky isn't scared of standing on her dad's hands in the air because she climbs the heck out of the tree at SV.  In the picture she looks like she is high, but the picture is deceiving.  She is way too high.
 And all the kids got sick again.  AGAIN!  This year has been the worst for sickness.
To be honest, I like it a little bit when Ike is sick because it is the only time that he will really snuggle with me.
 And then the sun actually came out!  We had a few days where the clouds parted and we soaked up as much Vitamin D as was possible.

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