Monday, April 10, 2017

Man at Work

 Brandon spent almost the entire month of March in his office plugging away at his dissertation.  He had originally planned to finish later in May but in order to apply for some jobs bumped up the date. He is a person that thrives under pressure and he has definitely given it his all these last few weeks. It was normal for him to leave our house at 4:30 AM come home at 7 to put the kids in bed and then work again until 10 or 11.
I don't know how he did it, but he managed to finish that thing.

During this time I felt calm during the day and then had crazy dreams all night.  One night I jumped up on Brandon and pulled the blankets over us because I knew that there was a green poisonous gas seeping into our house and somehow I was going to protect him.  Another night I thought there were bugs crawling in our blankets and I pulled everything off of the bed, including the top sheet and rolled it up into a ball.  Brandon didn't even say a word.  He just got up and went to the bathroom.  When he came back I had a new blanket from the closet for each of us.  He just took his blanket and went back to sleep.  A different time I woke him up to sleep talk to him about pie.

I overheard him talking to a friend about waking up early.  He said that he didn't need to set an alarm. He would just wait for me to do something crazy and then just stay up for the day.

Somehow we both survived.  He finished his paper and I have gone back to sleeping calmly.  I guess this is kind of how marriage vows work.  In sickness and in health, in grad school, and in sleep talking.

While he works I keep busy by reading books from the Eugene Library.  If I were a poet I would write an ode to the Eugene Library.  We regularly have 30-40 things checked out and sometimes even more.  We get movies, books, comics, and music.  I have explored the shelves and checked out books from cooking to crochet from book binding to local ghost stories.  If the zombie apocalypse ever happened I know most people would run to take refuge in the Costco, but I would want to live in the Eugene Library.  There is enough knowledge in those shelves to rebuild the world, and enough entertainment to last the rest of your life.

 Ike likes when we take a run to the library because he has reading material for the way home.  I don't know why he was so bashful but he hid his face.  I don't think it is because of the pink hat but you never can tell with toddlers.

And speaking of pink, the Rig-girls had a taste of high school glory when they were part of a Grease skit for the Mr. and Miss. Irish Pageant at Sheldon.
 Claire is in our ward and she put together such a cute little show.   The girls came on one at a time and it was almost as if she went from 5 to 17 in one minute.  Of course that started the mom waterworks for me because my babies are growing up so fast.
Pad Thai that I cooked myself!
 I know I have taken a bunch of pictures of my kids on movie night but pretty consistently it is the best part of my week.  It is the one moment where they are all happy, quiet, and not destroying anything.

Album Cover - Probably be better if Daisy was flipping the bird.

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